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So I went to the Somerville meet with my boyfriend @CaptainStevie and my friend @thesteves and holy FUCK. What a blast.

Brought some stickers with me!


The stickers were a hit, though I probably should’ve left some more out instead of handing them to people lol. Still liked seeing people’s reaction to my stickers!

One of the first things we did was meet up with @RavioliBox where we did some pre-meet exploring. There’s a kickass comic shop near the arcade as well as a retro gaming store (with a cute doggy!). There were no Super Famicom games there but they did have a wall of working gachapon machines!

Also mega props to @blakenator9872 for keeping the bit he proposed in the server and actually showing up dressed like a kid with a big lollipop. I’m so glad there was a breeze that day to move your hat’s propellor lmfao


A bit of my sketchbook vandalism! Someone brought a Tylenol branded Sharpie. I pretended to sniff it in an attempt at a joke (whether it was actually funny is up for interpretation lol) and accidentally got a bit of the fumes. Didn’t get high at least.


Y’all gotta play Atari’s Battlezone it fucking ROCKS. Was disappointed Yestercade’s Donkey Kong 3 machine doesn’t work properly, I was ready to show my skills at it lol. Took part in air hockey, which… got really intense in some games. I only did 2, won one of those which was better than I expected. My arm was sore from that going home that night lmfao


Steve wore his fursuit (Steel) and I was so so happy to see how well received it was!

Even got a selfie with @TomFulp!

Later that night I went with @thesteves, @NickSenny and a group of others to The Village Brewery. Highly recommend it, it’s expensive but the cheesesteak is GODLY.

All in all, hot damn that was a fun day. It was great seeing the people behind the screen and connecting more with the community. I definitely will be coming to future meets, got my eyes set on Toronto next year. I hope to see y’all in Canada too!


(Left to right: @CaptainStevie, me, @Dungeonation, @thesteves. Photo credit @Dungeonation)

With love,

CheddarExuberant <3


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Commissions Open!

Hey y'all! I've got SFW and NSFW commissions open!

*All prices are in USD, payment done via Ko-Fi. Prices are flexible!



Lineart: $15

Flat color: $20

Color + shading: $30

Full piece (color, shading, BG): $45


Will draw:

  • OCs + character profiles
  • Character design
  • Fan art
  • Furries
  • Gore
  • Storyboards (for animation/comic projects only)

Won't draw:

  • Vehicles
  • Landscapes
  • Anything depicting hate towards groups of people (a.k.a please don't commission me to draw your uwu softboi Nazi OC)



  • You must be 18+ in order to commission NSFW from me.
  • You must provide references (characters, poses, outfits, etc.). Images are preferred but descriptions of what you want can also suffice, but will not be as accurate. Be as specific as possible!
  • Commissions must be used for personal use only, unless it is part of a collaborative project or you plan on paying me proceeds.
  • Use of commissions for blockchain technology is EXPLICITLY FORBIDDEN. If you do, I will ban you from further commissions AND you will be forced to pay me all proceeds from the sales of my art.
  • Completion time can take anywhere from a day to two weeks, depending on workload or other real-life commitments. If it's expected to take longer than 2 weeks, I will notify you.
  • If you wish to refund, expect it within 2 weeks of your request.


I look forward to working with you in the future!