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Hi y'all!

Sorry art's been slow, got a job outside of art, and it's been sapping the hell out of my energy. Stuff'll still be coming though, I promise. Also setting up a proper professional portfolio thing as well, so that's cool I guess.

Yo yo yo my commissions are still open! Info and ability to commission is available on my Ko-fi! I consider art my second job, plus god damn do I need that extra income to help me get out of my crap living situation.

Also.... oh, what's this? Cheddar making animations for the movie portal? You betcha! Yep, got one project underway, plenty more ideas to come. Will I release info on it? Well, unless you're in the NGF server... no, no I won't. But hey they'll (probably) be cool I promise.

Sorry if it's like I just slapped a bunch of words and went "eh good enough", it's late at night and my brain's fucking scrambled lol

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Available for Work

Commissions Open!

Hey y'all! I've got SFW and NSFW commissions open!

*All prices are in USD, payment done via Ko-Fi. Prices are flexible!



Lineart: $15

Flat color: $20

Color + shading: $30

Full piece (color, shading, BG): $45


Will draw:

  • OCs + character profiles
  • Character design
  • Fan art
  • Furries
  • Gore
  • Storyboards (for animation/comic projects only)

Won't draw:

  • Vehicles
  • Landscapes
  • Anything depicting hate towards groups of people (a.k.a please don't commission me to draw your uwu softboi Nazi OC)



  • You must be 18+ in order to commission NSFW from me.
  • You must provide references (characters, poses, outfits, etc.). Images are preferred but descriptions of what you want can also suffice, but will not be as accurate. Be as specific as possible!
  • Commissions must be used for personal use only, unless it is part of a collaborative project or you plan on paying me proceeds.
  • Use of commissions for blockchain technology is EXPLICITLY FORBIDDEN. If you do, I will ban you from further commissions AND you will be forced to pay me all proceeds from the sales of my art.
  • Completion time can take anywhere from a day to two weeks, depending on workload or other real-life commitments. If it's expected to take longer than 2 weeks, I will notify you.
  • If you wish to refund, expect it within 2 weeks of your request.


I look forward to working with you in the future!